Undergraduate Majors

A Sociology Student at Tent City

Students in SPU’s Sociology program can choose one of two majors leading to a bachelor’s degree: Sociology or Criminology.

Sociology major

Majoring in Sociology equips you to do systematic study of human interaction in groups and societies. How and why do societies change?

SPU Sociology graduates have gone on to graduate studies, to practice law, and to help craft social policy. Many also become social workers and counselors.

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Criminology major

Majoring in Criminology prepares you to examine policing, courts, and prisons, and how they are shaped by society, race, class, and gender. You’ll be equipped to help your community with justice and reconciliation.

With a Criminology degree, you’ll be ready to work in policing, corrections, probation, the legal field, or social services. You might also pursue graduate studies.

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Sociology student Heather Bean at Tent City

Choose from six minors

Sociology-related minors offer you a deeper perspective, no matter what your major. Choose from Sociology, Urban Studies, Women’s Studies, or Anthropology (biological, cultural, linguistics).

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